• Jordan Public Schools are known for its amazing fine arts programming! Throughout the year, JMS students will perform at many specialty concerts to include the Arts Extravaganza! The music staff also cultivates many opportunities for students outside of the building. Past years events include singing the National Anthem at Timberwolves and MN Gophers games and being chosen for an "informance" at the Minnesota Music Educators Association Midwinter Clinic in Minneapolis.

    Middle school is a great time for students to explore music!



  • Band 
    Band 5 students learn and develop instrumental music skills. Students will explore a variety of music genres and styles and perform at three concerts throughout the year. 
    Band 6-8 students continue learning and developing intrumental musical skills. Additional performance opportunities for Grade 6 band members include playing in JMS pep fests and performing in small ensembles. 

    Choir 5 is an introduction to singing and musical literacy in a group setting. Singers will learnd about music elements (form, rhythm, melody, harmony, etc.) in a rehearsal setting. There are three eveing performamces per year. 
    Choir 6-8 students continue the exploration of singing and musical literacy in a group setting. There are muliple evening performacnces per year.

    Music Applications 5
    Music 5 gives students an opportunity to explore a variety of music genres. No evening preformance requirements; however, students will conclude the class by creating a self-directed project which will apply their knowledge from the course.